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Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:10:00 am

Dean Malone Estate Gun Auction
Saturday August 18th 10:00 am ( Preview 8:30)
362 Summit ( off Antioch Rd.)
Jonesborough, Tn 37659

Dean was an avid collector of guns in the best of best condition
and bought the best. Be here if you are looking for nice items for
your collection. Pistols ( he really liked Colts), shotguns ( liked
.410), rifles, ammo, knives, and much more.

Tennessee residents with proper ID will be able to take their
purchases with them. Out of state buyers must go through an FFL.
The auctioneers are acting as agents for the estate. The seller of
the guns is the estate. All items must be paid for the day of the

Partial list:
Colt- 1901 .45 Bisley,Frontier Scout .22( extra barrel),Peacemaker
.22,Officers Model .38, Officers model match .22 ,Army Special .38,
Police positive .32-20, Police positive .38 special, Agent .38
special, Agent .38, Detective special .32 and a .38, Pocket
positive 1913 .32 police ctg, Official police .38, MK IV .380
series 80 Gov. model,two .25 cal semi autos, Frontier Scout .22
Nebraska comm. pearl grips

New model single six .32 H&R mag.,Mark I,II,II all .22, LPC 380,P95
9x19mm , SR9 9mm, SR 1911 .45

Kit Gun 22/32, Bodyguard air weight .38, Two .32 revolvers,Nickle

Other handguns:
Browning Challenger II .22, Browning .25 Auto., Baretta .25,
Diamond Back 9 x 19 Tennessee Orange,Springfield Armory Champion
.45 in case,Taurus PT .22, Taurus "The Judge" 0410/.45, Taurus .17

Fox 410 side by side, Browning Sweet 16 with extra barrel,Charles
Daly .410 over and under, Browning Twelvette 12 gauge with engraved
black receiver, Browning Twelvette double auto 12 gauge with green
receiver,Browning double auto 12 gauge vr, Browning double auto 12
gauge rr with gray engraved receiver, Mossberg .410 pump,
Winchester .410 "Quail Special", Winchester 1300 ,20 gauge

Anshutz,Henry Golden Boy .22, Henry 30/30,Two Henry Wash, County Tn
commemoratives .22 (one with gold receiver) and a 30/30, Marlin
30/30, Thompson .45 Silver Dollar City, Winchester "Buffalo Bill"
30-30 com., Winchester model 68

Other items"
Large Liberty Gun safe, lots of ammo, gun cases, knives, cleaning
kits and much more.

Terms- No sales tax due to this being an estate, cash or check 10%
Buyers fee. We reserve the right to hold a purchase if paid by
check if the buyer is not known by us or does not have the
acceptable credentials. Cash is king. Drivers license from all
buyers will be copied that day and an affidavit of non felony
conviction form from those who are not known to us.

Guns are now at the catalogers office in Elizabethton and after he
finishes we will post more info. I will receive the guns back about
two days before the auction.

ATF Rul. 96-2 Clarification from the ATF
"In the case of estate-type auctions, the auctioneer acts as an
agent of the executor and assists the executor in finding buyers
for the estate’s firearms. The firearms are possessed by the
estate, and the sales of firearms are made by the estate. In these
cases, the auctioneer does not meet the definition of “engaging in
the business” as a dealer in firearms and would not require a
license.An auctioneer engaged in estate-type auctions, whether
licensed or not, may perform this function, including delivery of
the firearms, away from the business premises."

KImball M Sterling Inc. TFL-1915
Johnson City , Tn
423 773 4073


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