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Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017
Time:10 am
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Details coming next month. Make your plans to attend. Address and listing
will appear closer to the auction.

Fine Real Estate sold by Bart Long and Associates TFL-5296 and Fine Antiques
,upscale furniture, pottery collection and more sold by Kimball Sterling Inc.

Cash or check 10% Bp on everything sold that day but no sales tax.

Date: Saturday, June 10, 2017
Time:10:30 am
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Erwin Living Estate Auction
110 Tennessee Road( off Ohio Street)
Saturday June 10th 10:30 am
Erwin Tennessee 37650

A nice living estate in the Valley Beautiful, Erwin , Tennessee. The owner
has sold her home and has a lifetime of items to sell including fine
furniture, collection of porcelains purchased in Germany, antique figural
clock, , Mid Century dinning room suite, and much more. Be here for an
exciting auction day. Preview 9:30 am. Cash or check 10% buyers fee.

Kimball M Sterling , Inc TFL-1915

Date: Saturday, June 3, 2017
Time:10:00 am
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Estate Auction
Sat, June 3rd 10:00 am
811 Xanadu Court
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

This is a nice older small estate with some premium antiques and
collectibles. Partial listing. Large collection of Cybis figurines,Best Mid-
Century bedroom suite we have offered, Large collection of Madame Alexander
dolls ( many with boxes), Stick and ball Aesthetic chairs,Various oriental
carpets, Fine china and glass, costume jewelry, curio cabinets, Majolica
style vases and furniture, Meissen style table, interesting library, Delft ,
fine prints and paintings,1970's outdoor furniture, Mid Century smalls, box
lots and much more. Check back the week before the auction for more photos.

Cash or check 10% BP Preview 9 am

Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Time:10:00 am Eastern
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Paul Weisberg Estate Cane Auction
Ends May 31 every two minutes starting at 10 am Eastern. You may enter
high bid and bidsquare will do all of the bidding for you or you can sit
the computer and bid live as each lit ends. There will be a two minute
down on each lot.

These are the folk art, Civil war, and a few others from the estate. This
timed absentee auction that ends May 31.

Here is a link to the terms, catalog and bidding:

Timed Online Only Auctions
A timed online only auction is automated and takes place solely online.
The bidding for each lot is opened at a predetermined level set by the
auctioneer, usually at a set time and stays open over an extended period
of hours or days. During this period of open bidding, a bidder will be
able to see the current high bid on each lot. You may place a higher bid
at a defined bidding increment you choose. A bidder’s identity is always
kept confidential during the auction.

In a timed only online auction bidders are automatically informed by email
if they are the high bidder, or if they have been outbid by another
competing bidder. At the end of the defined bidding period, if the highest
bid offered meets the minimum price designated by the seller as
acceptable, the lot is sold. Bidding on all lots in a timed online only
sales begin to close at a specified time, with lots closing at regular
intervals until the auction has ended. Some timed auctions allow extended
bidding. In such a case, if a bid is placed on a lot within a specified
time before closing, the bidding may automatically be extended for a set
period of time. Length of extended bidding is set by the auctioneer prior
to the opening of the auction.

This is a new process of today's internet auctions. We will post the
catalogue a few days before March 6th. Bidding will begin and you will be
able to see what others are bidding. This auction will be carried on not, There will be no live auction in
the house and the only catalogue will be the one on the net. We hope you
enjoy this style of auction. You will know when someone outbids you which
is not possible on the other format that we used. Please feel free to go
to Bidsquare now and register for their site and be ready for our

Date: Saturday, May 27, 2017
Time:10:30 am
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St. Martin Estate
271 Cleveland
Sat.May 27th 10:30 am Preview 9:30
Gate City Va.

This is a really nice estate in Downtown Gate City. Fine antique furniture
with one heck of a corner cupboard, local pie safe. and many styles of
furniture, fine china and glass, paintings, nice baby grand piano, large
library, lots of cast iron yard furniture, and much much more. Our tent will
be up rain or shine. Great estate box lots. This house has been closed for
over 12 years and you will be the first to buy. Be here for an exciting day.

Cash or check 10% BP. Preview 9:30 am

Kimball M Sterling Auctioneer Lic# VAAR 1556

One piece or an entire collection of outsider or folk-art for future auctions.
Please give us a call 423 7733 4073 and email us
if you have items to sell.

We are now accepting African American items for a future auction. Toys, paperwork, books, political , historical, musical, slavery,civil war, advertising, quilts, art, canes, and most anything related to this field.
Please contact us at if you have items to consign

Accepting Jewelry, Coin Collections, Silver and Gold Coins for upcoming Auction.

One piece or a complete estate. Call for a free evaluation

Please email us at or by phone 423-928-1471

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We are in the tent rental business and have been for about 15 years here in Johnson City, We service a pretty wide area. Our sizes go from 20 x 20 to 40 by 80. Most of our tents are made by Eureka. We rent to business's, church's,Johsnon City Country Club, The Range. Lowes of johnson City, Elizabethton Chamber of Commerce, Covered bridge Festival, Girls Inc. of Johnson City, fireworks stands, Walmarts, TNT Fireworks, weddings, partys, and much more. We do not charge estra for delivery or set-up

Our tents can come with sides or without sides. We do keep a few tables also to rent but not many. We do mostly tents. You can see out tents setup at most of the Walmarts in SW Va during the Fourth of July. We have done those tents for about 8 years. All of our tents are up to fire code and most are pole tents. all of our tents are clean.

Give us an email or a call for a price. Our tents are high peeked and we also have some Capris (Looks like a big geometric butterfly has landed). Take a look at the Eureka Tents web site and you will see most of what we have. Wedding tents, party Tents,

Trade works as good as cash. Give us a chance to quote you.
Kimball M. Sterling Inc.
125 West Market St.
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604

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Ask for our special rate for Sterling Auction but sometimes your rate is
better than ours. Always check. This is a very nice hotel and very close to
the auction gallery. Nice people ,good food, and quality rooms and service.
Here is a link:

Contact Information

Carnegie Hotel & Spa
1216 W. State of Franklin Road
Johnson City, TN 37604

Toll-free reservations: 866.757.8277
Tel. 423.979.6400
Fax. 423.979.6424


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